URank, IE toolbar for website rating  v.0.83

URank is a Free browser toolbar that enables ranking/rating several aspects in websites and categorizing them. Currently supports IE (Internet Explorer) web browser only. Get to know what others think about the website you are visiting. Is the

Altman Self Rating Mania Scale

The Altman Mania Rating Scale is a professional scale used in the diagnosis of manic symptoms in bipolar disorder. It consists of five items designed to assess both the presence and the severity of the symptoms. It may be used both on in an inpatient or


Movie Rating Fetcher  v.0.9.4

Grab movie info fast and easy. Movie Rating Fetcher is a utility designed to fetch movie information from user folder. It can read files with garbled name in english or russian,

Go Rating Estimator  v.0.2

GoR Estimator allows Go (weiki, baduk) players in European tournaments to guess in advance how many EGF points they will gain or lose in their next go match, based on their own and their opponent's Go Rating Score, handicap.

A Script for Gadget, Technology, Computer Rating  v.1 5

affiliate, pricecomparsion, script, affiliate,

MovieSieve  v.

Sort your movies with this tool. MovieSieve is a simple command line tool, that processes a RSS feed of movie torrents, takes the good quality ones (based on the name) and checks IMDB for their rating.

Mufin MusicFinder

Advanced music recognition and recommendation based on Fraunhofer technology AudioID. Instead of normal editorial rating systems, Mufin MusicFinder provides a real analysis of all audio files and creates playlists with precisely matching songs for at

Portable eMule fon rapator

Portable eMule 48-most popular program for exchange of files ED2K Portable eMule-modified programme without a speed restriction exchange of files with high rating of clients (clients.met 19,7 mb - 4 years of a set rating)

WJChess  v.1.0

This is the chess engine, a Win32 and Linux console application. Its rating is actually 2300 ELO.

Prode Valves  v.

Prode Valves can assist in design, rating and selection of control, safety, relief valves, in addition to procedures for rigorous design and rating Prode Valves offers the benefit to automatically identify the most suitable product and fills in all d

Wall Gage Creator  v.1.0

Wall Gage Creator is a stand-alone program that makes the wall gage creation module of WinFlume available as a separate program, for use with any hydraulic structure having a rating table or rating equation.

Rebel Decade  v.3.0

Rebel Decade (since version 1.2) is the promotional program of Rebel Company. Rebel Decade 3.0 characteristics Estimated ELO rating of 2300 on a Pentium 333. Estimated ELO rating of 2500 on a Pentium 333 on each friday.

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